Fixed lease break lease form

A fixed term tenancy is what it says, a fixed term. They can be difficult to end, but sometimes can be ended by mutual agreement by both parties. Many owners do not want to agree to break this agreement as have signed you up so they have it fixed on their side too. The agreement cannot be ended by giving notice.

You can apply to break your fixed lease early; this often involves keeping your contract valid until a new approved tenancy is in place.  Manage My House will do what it can to assist facilitating this but there is no guarantee that you will be able to break your lease.

Please complete Form below and pay the administration fee of 2 weeks rent (plus GST) and then I can start negotiating this for you. The process won’t start until the fee has been received.

Periodic Tenancies

Please advise me in an email (click here) with at least 21 days notice that you are ending your Periodic Agreement. If received after 4pm this will count as the next working day.

I will then be in contact to organise viewings to find new tenants.
It is a good idea to put a read receipt on the email and call me you have not had acknowledgement within 4 hours of the business day.

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
    To break a fixed tern tenancy I agree to above and will pay the administration charges of two weeks rent plus GST before Manage My House will contact the owner seeking permission to alter your Tenancy Agreement.
    I agree that, as a tenant I will do what I can to assist in allowing multiple viewings, possibly at short notice to assist in having new tenants take over my TenancyAgreement
    I am aware of my legal obligations to pay the rent until an approved tenant is in place. By filling in and returning this form I agree to the terms and conditions.
    I am aware there is no guarantee the owner will agree to release me, nor a suitable tenant found that the owner will accept.
    I am aware there are an additional two working days between tenancies to allow MMH to do the final inspections report and prepare report for incoming tenants. These 2 days are at my cost.
    I am aware the house has to be left in a good clean condition, as I was before I moved in and I will most likely have to pay for a spring clean at the discretion of MMH. If the house is perfectly clean and a cleaner is not required there will be no cleaning fee.