Switch to Manage My House

Switch to Manage My House We get it, sometimes you mean to do something that you know is better for you personally, financially or for another reason but the process of doing it just seems so complicated and a bit daunting. In this post, we are going to quickly share with you how easy it…Read More→

Wanaka winter rentals

Wanaka winter rentals Here at Manage My House, we look after long-term rentals and short-term holiday rentals but we also look after a range of winter rentals too. Winter rentals are a great option for property owners if they want the flexibility throughout the summer months, where they may rent their house out as a…Read More→

Preventing mould and condensation

Preventing mould and condensation When you as a new tenant move into your new rental you have a responsibility to keep the house clean and tidy and up to an acceptable standard as discussed with your property manager or landlord. Part of this is keeping the house in a condition which doesn’t encourage mould and…Read More→

What’s better – long term or holiday rental for your property?

What’s better – long term or holiday rental for your property? We have a lot of clients asking us for our opinion on whether they should rent their house out long term or do shorter-term holiday rentals. Normally this is a topic which is very much dependent on your personal circumstances and will typically come…Read More→