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4 bedroom furnished house available until December 2022

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3 bedroom long term unfurnished in the heart of town

3 bedroom unfurnished, semi detached house with a fabulous town...Read More→


Long term 3 Bedroom home near schools

Long term and unfurnished, this house is on 2 levels...Read More→


29 Hedditch St, Wanaka

3 bedroom unfurnished, semi detached house with a fabulous town location. Just a minute from the old post offfice, opposite Lismore Park. On 2 levels, the entry level has open plan lounge /kitchen/dining with woodburner and heatpump. Main bedroom has an ensuite. mostly double glazed. Deck surrounds the upstairs lounge with mountain views. Downstairs has 2 bedrooms, separate laundry, bathroom and single garage with internal access. Cupboard space for BYO dishwasher. Opposite Lismore Park so a quick walk to schools

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Garage spaces: 1

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Before I can process your application I require below for each adult over 18.

Online Application form filled in completely, with Photo ID , preferably Current drivers licence, if not Passport (and work visa if from overseas).

Proof of previous rental history (landlord details for reference check).

Details of current employment. Income report sometimes necessary.

Periodic tenancies: Basically a tenancy with no end date. The Landlord may give 90 days notice to you to end the tenancy with no reason given or 42 days notice if they wish to occupy for family or staff, or if the property is sold.

A periodic tenancy may be ended by you giving us 21 days notice in writing, email is the preference and more than 21 days is appreciated. When ?you give notice to me, I recommend that you phone or text to confirm that I have received this notice.

Fixed tenancies. A fixed term means that the tenancy is fixed and cannot be terminated by either party during this period. ?If you did want to break this its not normally easy and fees do apply.

You will be emailed a private YouTube link with many photos of your new home, normally the day before you move in. You will also be emailed a detailed written report . This is a very important document for you to look at when moving in. This form and photos are ?used at the end of your tenancy for the bond refund so take time to make sure you’re happy with it. Please view and read it carefully and verify that it is correct. If you identify something I may have missed contact me within 14 days. If we don’t hear from you by this time the documentation is deemed correct.

Only the people originally included on your application or Tenancy Agreement are allowed to reside permanently at the property. Any alteration to this must be discussed with me as you may become in breach of your Tenancy Agreement if you choose to allow other people to reside at the property. Temporary overnight guests are permitted.

It is your responsibility to have the electricity/gas /internet and telephone changed over to your name. I recommend using Fast Connect.

Inspections – Long term rentals are first inspected about a month into your stay, and then approx at 16 weekly intervals. ?The first person listed on the tenancy agreement is the main point of contact, I will email about a week before the inspection and then send a reminder 2 working days before the inspection. You do not need to be home as I have a key. Seasonal rentals are more frequent.

A Bond equivalent of 4 weeks rent is required and must be paid before you are handed the keys The bond money and form is lodged with the Department of Building and Housing. You will receive a receipt of the bond payment from MMH and DBH with a bond refund form within a few weeks of your tenancy starting. Keep this in a safe place. If there are any changes to the tenancy whilst residing at the property, it is imperative that the information on the bond form reflects this. Make sure that you fill out a Change of Tenant form if tenants change click here

You can make an appointment with me on the website. As my job dictates Im out of the office a lot, book into my mobile office. For viewing properties, please book yourself into a viewing by clicking on the property on the website.

I highly recommend you have insurance. Your landlord’s insurance policy does not protect your belongings. Under the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants are liable for any damage they, or their invited guests, cause intentionally or carelessly. You should have the following:

Contents insurance policy to protect your belongings, Personal liability policy to protect you from any careless damage you or your invited guests may cause to the property.

If an insurance company pays out a landlord for damage and believes that a tenant is liable for that damage, the insurance company may seek compensation from the tenant.* Personal liability insurance may protect you in this situation.

Rent must be paid weekly or fortnightly in advance by automatic payment ?in one lump sum. I do not accept regular rent payments at my office.

On your tenancy agreement there will be 3 codes to add to the banking so I know who the rent has come from. On your tenancy agreement there is also a start date for your automatic payment . You don’t pay the first weeks rent twice, which is something many tenants think they do!

MMH has a Zero Tolerance Policy to Rent Arrears. Late rent is checked daily so I do know who is late. On the first day you will get a gentle reminder and then I am forced to start the process of applying to the Tenancy Tribunal to resolve the matter. In all cases of rental arrears the provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act will apply. If you are having genuine difficulty paying rent it is in your best interest to notify me ASAP

It is part of your responsibilities as a tenant that you report immediately any matters requiring repair or maintenance in order to avoid the risk of injury to either yourselves, your visitors or damage to the property. 

If an emergency repair is required, please call or text me immediately. Any maintenance arranged by the tenant themselves will be at the tenant’s expense unless in extreme emergency. If you have a weekend emergency that cant wait until Monday please call me.

When notice is given by either landlord or tenant we will send out a check list for cleaning the property at the end of your tenancy. The Residential Tenancies Act states that a property must be left in a reasonably clean condition. All keys must be returned or locked inside the property. I will then carry out the final inspection on the first working day available.

If there are issues regarding the condition, or cleanliness after the final inspection I will get photographic ?proof of this and get the contractor, e.g. cleaner to address any issues. Any cleaning or repairs will be deducted from your bond. This includes light bulbs, curtain ?hooks and smoke alarm batteries. If the house is furnished please put chattels back in the original position as there may be a charge to do this. I do love giving back a full bond so if the house is spotless and all things in order, rent paid in full, you will be well on your way to achieving a full refund.

Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract. There is no obligation of the Landlord to release a tenant early from a fixed term agreement. If your situation changes please contact your Property Manager to discuss the options that maybe available. 

If you want to seek independent advice on your legal rights and responsibilities as a tenant we suggest that you contact Tenancy Services which is an independent government body. They also have an excellent web site that will explain all aspects of Tenancy Law in New Zealand.

Web: www.tenancy.govt.nz

Call:? 0800 TENANCY (0800 83 62 62)