Preventing mould and condensation

When you as a new tenant move into your new rental you have a responsibility to keep the house clean and tidy and up to an acceptable standard as discussed with your property manager or landlord. Part of this is keeping the house in a condition which doesn’t encourage mould and damp. A well-aired, ventilated house is critical to preventing mould.

Activities like cooking, bathing or drying clothes inside tend to create moisture. We know that you can’t always avoid all of these so to help to remove the moisture from the house ensure that you open windows during warm sunny winter days and use any extractor fans within the house.

We have put together our top tips to help to keep a healthy mould free home and things that you can do to decrease the chance of mould or condensation building up in your rental.

Things that you can do to prevent the mould and damp are:

  1. Open windows and doors whoever you can and open the curtains right up to let natural light in
  2. Hang your washing outside whenever you get the chance and make sure its completely dry when you put it away
  3. Keep lid pots on while you cook
  4. Keep the shower curtain hanging inside the shower or bath so that water doesn’t drip onto the floor. Its always good to wash the curtain every few weeks in winter and give it a dry outside
  5. Use an electric heater – no portable gas heaters
  6. Keep only a few plants inside if you can
  7. It’s best to keep mattresses up off the floor too so make sure if you have people staying not to leave the mattresses down on the floor where they can often get damp.

If you try and adopt as many of these tips as possible you will hopefully reduce the chance of mould and damp occurring in your rental, keeping your property manager and landlord happier while living in a healthier home too!