Switch to Manage My House

We get it, sometimes you mean to do something that you know is better for you personally, financially or for another reason but the process of doing it just seems so complicated and a bit daunting.

In this post, we are going to quickly share with you how easy it is to make the switch from your current property manager over to Manage My House ? as well as why you might want to consider it!

Here at Manage My House our team are astute, efficient and highly experienced. We will successfully maintain the smooth operations side of your property, with our expertise and knowledge in this field ensuring your property flourishes and you get the best returns possible.

We know the tenancy laws, we know tenants, we have tried and tested successful systems in place for the sole purpose of property management. If you would like to chat to us about our property management services further then please just get in touch anytime.

In terms of making the switch over to Manage My House, we have made this a simple process for you. All you need to do is complete and sign your new management agreement with us and then we will take care of everything else for you it really is that simple. You don’t even have to notify your current Agent, we can take care of that too.
Once you have signed with us we will:

  • Contact your current Property Management company and advise we are taking over the management (we will obtain a copy of all current documentation relating to the property,?specifically any current tenants and tenancy agreements.)
  • Advise the Tenants that we are taking over as the Managing Agent
  • Notify any relevant authorities of the transfer of management
  • Take the best possible care of your Property and Tenants moving forward so you never have to switch again!

So if you would like to chat to us about switching and would like to have a free property appraisal done on your property here in Wanaka then please just get in touch, we would love to help.